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     ABOUT  US:

  The purpose of this business is to educate you about the inner workings of your mind; so you can grow in mind power.

  As you grow in mind power, you literally think your way to a better quality of life.

This business was founded by Terry L. Goss.

The principal location is:

Terry Goss
The Mental Education Company
1921 West Hood Avenue
Chicago, Il. 60660  USA

Terry Goss started his interest in the inner workings of the human mind at age 12. It all began with his curious fascination of his nightly dreams. Sometimes he couldn't wait to go to bed, so he could dream and study that strange phenomenon.

  Although he took advanced psychology in high school, he later learned and broadened his personal mental education by closely studying under various psychology teachers, noted mind masters, and personal mentors. His specialty and love, is the subconscious mind.

  He applied the many mental principals he learned to his own life. Throughout the years he's found the best techniques that work, and the ones that don't; while enhancing his life with each new-found piece of mental information that proved effective. Now, he's cheerfully willing to share his special mental information with his internet student members.

  The Mental Education Company grew from Terry Goss' ardent investigating passion for learning about the inner workings of the human mind; and a deep desire to share his findings to help educate others.

  He has studied the human mind for over (30) years.

  His business started on the internet as an efficient means to communicate with other students in mass, who are interested in learning about the inner workings of the human mind, and want to upgrade their personal mental education.

  Dedicated students of the mind can share and benefit from the many successful tips and techniques that Terry Goss has learned throughout the years.

  The valuable tips and techniques derived from over (30) years of dedicated personal research, shine throughout all the training material the Mental Education Company provides for it's student members.

Terry Goss
"Improve your mind - Improve your life"

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The Mental Education Company
1921 West Hood Avenue 
Chicago, Illinois  60660  USA

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