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  Our Valuable Products And Services :

Online Tutorial Courses

 Email Courses


 Specialized Articles

 Email Mentoring

Online Tutorial Courses:

  We provide unique online interactive tutorial courses for our student members. Each course targets and specializes on a key area of mental growth. Student members are educated from the course material.

  All our online tutorial courses are self-paced.

  Plus, all student members enjoy a life-time 50% discount off regular non-member prices.

Email Courses:

  Our multi-part email courses, are delivered by autoresponders (automated software that sends scheduled messages).

  Our email courses are self-paced; they're emailed out on a set schedule. However, students members can read and study the email lessons later, at their leisure.

  Answers to common questions, a quiz, and even test results, can be delivered by auto-email. Students grow and learn from the email courses, and progress further in their mental education.

  Plus, all student members enjoy a life-time 50% discount off regular non-member prices.


  We produce and feature electronic based books compiled of specialized information about the mind.

  Student members read and study our ebooks online, or print and read them later. Some require downloading. Some are a series of web pages.

  Our mental ebooks are educational self-paced learning tools that target a specific area of mental growth.

  Plus, all student members enjoy a life-time 50% discount off regular non-member prices. 

Specialized Articles:

  we write specialized online articles about the inner workings of the mind. 

  Our articles cover a wide variety of topics about the inner working of the mind. And can be singular, or a series.

  They are strong training tools for our student members.

  Student members learn from the lessons taught in our specialized articles, and thus further their personal mental growth. Growing in mind power. Enhancing the quality of their lives. Literally thinking their way to  a better life.

Email Mentoring:

This is privileged  email correspondence between student members and their teacher. Questions, and follow-up information is shared.

  Student members are never left to learn alone on their educational growth path. They can email their teacher at any time with any questions.

Special Goals:

The Mental Education Company is constantly improving and enhancing our products and services. It is our special goal to provide the most effective mental training materials available on today's global market.

It is also our special goal to provide corporate and/or group mental training products and services. Serving small and large business needs for specialized "personal development" training for their staff and employees.

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