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"United States Surgeon General Declares Mental Crisis".

By Terry Goss                                  Copyright 2001

Did you know that the U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher; recently released a first-time report on the status of our Nation's Mental Health? It had similar emergency importance as the breakthrough landmark report of 1964 on smoking and illness.

It was a very sad and dismal report; stating that the Nation's huge mental health problems are sorely ignored.

He opens with: "I am pleased to issue the first-ever Surgeon General's Report on mental health. In doing so, I am alerting the American people that mental illness is a critical public health problem that must be addressed immediately".

He continues with: "Society no longer can afford to view mental health as separate from general health". He goes on to say: "To a great extent, we're dumping our mental health problems on the streets of America".

He adds: "Few Americans are untouched by mental illness, whether it occurs within one's family or among neighbors, co-workers or members of the community. In fact, in any one year, one in five Americans-including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly- experience a mental disorder". That's 20% of the population!!

These are serious clinical disorders; not to mention the other mass uneducated millions who are only using a small fraction of their mind power (5%-10%). Stumbling along each day, mentally frustrated, until a clinical disorder occurs.

If you add the low mind power users to that figure, the total would be frightening!!

He continues with: "It is my firm conviction that mental health is indispensable to personal well-being and balanced living".

The daily newspaper headlines are filled with bizarre twisted tales covering all ages, pre-teens to adults. Someone lost their mind.

The Surgeon General closes on this note: "Issues relating to mental health and mental illness have been overlooked or ignored in this Country too often and for too long. While we cannot change the past, I am convinced that we can shape a better future". 

Free copy of the summary report here: 1-877-9mhealth
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