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"A Grain Of Doubt"

By Terry Goss                                  Copyright 2001

In the Bible, James 1:6, tells us that when one doubts,
he/she wavers; as the waves of the sea.

Doubt makes us double-minded and unstable. Doubt reveals that we are of little faith; Matt. 14:31. That we're not sincere. 

Doubt makes our mental commands suspect. For instead of a 100% command to our minds, it becomes 90% or 99.9%. It's that tiny grain of doubt that reveals our hearts. It shows us that we think we want something, but in reality, we really don't.

In willing our thoughts and giving commands to our sub-
conscious mind, we must be sure and confident.

Our subconscious mind knows when we are serious, and will ignore all 99%, even 99.9% commands. We may walk away happily thinking results will appear, but to our dismay, nothing happens.

When we ask of our Creator, we must be of a whole mind;
not 90%, not 95%, not even 99.9%. We must be 100% only. Anything other than 100% is a waste.

Why did the creator fashion us with this 100% trigger? He
wanted to make sure only what we really, really, want, 
comes to pass.

Just think of all the unpleasant things that may have 
crossed our minds. If 50%, 70%, 80%, or 99% desires were executed by our minds, we would be in a sorrowful state. So, this safety valve of 100%, signals our intent of sincerity to our subconscious mind.

It also signals our sincerity to our blessed Lord. It 
takes us from a wavering state, to a solid state. And it's
in this solid state that we can rule as heavenly kings
throughout eternity.

It's in this solid state that enables us to will our mind
with surety, and enjoy the good life.

It's amazing how much good can be secretly hidden behind
such a tiny grain. Who would suspect it? Who would think to look behind it?

As kinglings, our old grain of doubt is blown away by the
strong winds of wisdom.

Wisdom is the medicine for doubt. How do you get wisdom? You ask the Creator for it. Afterwards, we're wise and strong enough to have faith, instead of doubt.

Let's share a poem:

"A Grain Of Doubt"

A grain of doubt is in my heart, and it's been here for some time.

I know they say I must believe, but I just can't see it as

Been burned before, better watch my step, question all, and I think I'll be fine.

My grain of doubt protects my life; has done it a many of

I question the good, I question the bad, treat them both as if the same kind.

But the good life seems to run from me, and the chase has become a real grind.

Pressing hard each day, for breaks to come my way, and it's just like an uphill climb.

Good fortune and luck, haven't seen them in years, and I 
know that a very bad sign.

The path I took doesn't call for much faith, and I think
I'm in a real bind.

I'm on the wrong road, must change my way; and I know I'm wasting my time.

Need faith in myself, and the good fruits of life, or we'll
both wither away on the vine.

Before it's too late, to save my fate, better rid this grain
from my mind.

If I believe real hard, in the depths of my heart, then the
good feast of life I will dine.

I'll pray each day, to find my way; my strength coming from the divine.

Giving up my old way, may be foreign and gray, but it's the good life I know I will find.



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